My Introduction

My Introduction:

My name is Amy Bauco, my candidate number is 9013. I am part of group 1 and the other members of my group are Shayam Utting (9164) and Monica Aghadiuno (9365). To see my work please see the labels on the right hand side named AS Research and Planning, AS Construction and AS Evaluation. Our final opening sequence is shown below, along with a group photo next to it, on the right.

Our Film Opening Sequence

Our Film Opening Sequence:

Friday, 23 January 2015

R+P Post 2: Our Target Audience

1. Primary Audience:
We have come up with a target audience for our crime drama/neo-noir film, the primary one being fans of neo-noir films and men and woman from the age range 15-30s. The reason we have targeted women is because there is a female protagonist which is unusual, which attracts women as it is more relatable for them. Also there is a romance side to the film which will attract women. We have also targeted men because of the nature of the film and the genre, as men tend to like crime films due to the action, but will also like the film because of the good-looking female protagonist. Lastly, we decided on an age range of 15-30s because with our film being rated a 15, this is where the audience group would start, but also as the main character is supposed to be a woman in her early 20s, it would target that age range too. During our research we found an old film noir, called 'Darling' rated 15 due to moderate language and sex, and a modern neo-noir called 'Brick' which are both rated 15 due to strong violence and drug use. As our storyline involves her killing her husband, we decided to rate ours 15 too, this was inspiration for the correct age range for our target audience.

Our Ideal Target Audience

2. Secondary Audience:
We decided on a secondary audience of crime drama fans and the older audience of 30s plus.
We thought of the older audience of over 30s, because around the 60s-80s, film noir was a very popular thing and this modern twist on a film noir with a protagonist of a femme fatale, would be interesting to them. Our target audience of over 30s will be likely to remember the lead actress of 'Fatal Attraction' and 'Basic Instinct' from their youth, therefore will be attracted to the lead femme fatale of our story. The target audience for 'Fatal Attraction' was married couples aged 30-55 due to the storyline, due to this I think our audience of over 30s will be attracted to the scenario we have created. Also, film noir is a form or crime drama film, therefore anyone who likes those kinds of films, for example 'Seven' which is a thriller with elements of crime and drama, as we are using the opening style of hiding the identity, and also the graphics have inspired us for our own graphics, we thought this was a good case study, to help decide our target audience.

3. Tertiary Audience:
Lastly our tertiary audience is romance fans. Our only reason behind this is purely because romance is a sub-genre of our film, as the female protagonist marries someone to get his money, although they seem a happy, loving couple. Also, due to the opening including her getting ready for a blind date, the romance aspect is still there. A crime and neo-noir film I researched into was 'A kiss before dying' which is about a man who murders his wife who is plotting against him, and tries to woo her sister. This has aspects of romance in it yet it is a crime thriller film, so this was an inspiration for the romance side to our film, which will attract an audience interested in romance too.

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