My Introduction

My Introduction:

My name is Amy Bauco, my candidate number is 9013. I am part of group 1 and the other members of my group are Shayam Utting (9164) and Monica Aghadiuno (9365). To see my work please see the labels on the right hand side named AS Research and Planning, AS Construction and AS Evaluation. Our final opening sequence is shown below, along with a group photo next to it, on the right.

Our Film Opening Sequence

Our Film Opening Sequence:

Sunday, 25 January 2015

R+P Post 4: Representation of social groups in our opening sequence

The social group we have chosen to represent is women in their early 20s, just out of college, in a well paid job, as she is of the upper middle class. An influence for this character was Bridget Gregory (played by Linda Fiorentino) in 'The Last Seduction'. She is a powerful, fearless femme fatal who finds people's weak spots and manipulates them to get what she wants. She appears to be a fairly wealthy, young woman who is well dressed and well spoken.
In our film we wanted a powerful  but modern femme fatale type figure as a protagonist. The character we have created represents women in their early twenties. We can see this through her modern fashion style and her femininity. She is shown in the opening to be doing her make up and pulling up her stockings, this beauty routine connotes not just a female figure but also one in her youth as she looks very trendy. 

Bridget Gregory's outfit inspired our
original costume ideas.
We can see that our protagonist also represents a upper middle class woman, shown through her posh accent, sizeable house, and her ipad and smartphone. At one point in the opening, she throws away what we later see is her detective badge, showing that she is in a powerful position in her job which again connotes wealth.

A film we came across which has a strong female protagonist, similar to ours is 'Mr and Mrs Smith':

Angelina Jolie plays the wife in an upper middle class family, but she is secretly an assassin. She is connoted as a wife who cooks for her husband, wears make up and nice fancy clothes, but under the surface is a woman on a mission. This type of character is who we hope to create for our film, as we are aiming to break the stereotypes of women in films. Our main character is going to be represented as a woman who can handle herself and can also be dangerous. She is shown as an influential woman through her attitude towards others, and her power over the men in her life.

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