My Introduction

My Introduction:

My name is Amy Bauco, my candidate number is 9013. I am part of group 1 and the other members of my group are Shayam Utting (9164) and Monica Aghadiuno (9365). To see my work please see the labels on the right hand side named AS Research and Planning, AS Construction and AS Evaluation. Our final opening sequence is shown below, along with a group photo next to it, on the right.

Our Film Opening Sequence

Our Film Opening Sequence:

Sunday, 1 February 2015

R+P Post 8: Our opening sequence idea

Based on the film plot we came up with, we decided to make the opening sequence focus on the female protagonist Stacey, whose identity is hidden throughout. Our opening starts with the Lionsgate logo and our logo for 'Starlight Pictures'. Next we show her pulling up her stockings and adjusting her clothes, then putting on make up in her room, followed by her packing her bag, where she tosses out the detective badge, and then leaves the room. She goes downstairs into the hallway where she puts on her shoes and makes a phone call, whilst flicking through pictures of an anonymous man on her iPad. After the phone call finishes, she opens a drawer on the sideboard and pulls out a pair of gloves, under which is a gun. She puts on the gloves, picks up her bag, opens the front door and steps out. At this point we reveal her identity, seeing her face for the first time, as she slams the door and we cut to a graphic of the title. We plan to have credits over the shots, instead of cutting away to titles because it keeps the pace of the opening. We also plan to have a lot of cuts in the first series of shots in her room, and coming down the stairs because it makes the opening more choppy which builds up the pace.

The rough sequence of the film

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