My Introduction

My Introduction:

My name is Amy Bauco, my candidate number is 9013. I am part of group 1 and the other members of my group are Shayam Utting (9164) and Monica Aghadiuno (9365). To see my work please see the labels on the right hand side named AS Research and Planning, AS Construction and AS Evaluation. Our final opening sequence is shown below, along with a group photo next to it, on the right.

Our Film Opening Sequence

Our Film Opening Sequence:

Monday, 9 March 2015

Construction Post 6: Reflections on Edit Week 2

During our first edit week, we created a final cut of our sequence, we now have to go about editing it to make it better. Our goals for this week are:
  • Create all the titles and the film title graphic on the mac.
  • Go through the grading process on our opening.
  • Finish our whole sequence!
This is our editing schedule for the week, we are class 12C.
Looking back on this week, I think it went well because we were able to create the titles in the style we had in mind very quickly, leaving us more time to finish grading our sequence. Here are some screenshots of the grading we have been doing:

These are some examples of how we changed the brightness and contrast in our shots, this is just an example to show the difference, but in our actually opening the colouring is more subtle.

I think this week went well because we were able to grade our sequence and make it look slightly better than before in terms of colouring. Also, we found good effects to use on our titles very quickly, which enabled us to quickly make them and add them into our sequence.

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